“My daddy made this.” Mike’s daughter, Daisy, shows her appreciation.

A rare – for this summer, anyway – sunny day in Askrigg: our lovely village is enhanced by its new paving outside Diana’s house, and a record of our ordinary lives is placed in a precious box. The box is then buried under one of the new stones as the children from the village school look on. Nothing unusual about any of it – except that it captures so perfectly the spirit of a community.
Here’s why. . .
The paving is part-funded by a generous grant under the Yorkshire Dales Leader programme, some of which is EU money (£6,417 towards the flags and toilets) matched with £1,605 from the parish council who applied for the grant – not an easy job – planned the work, and chose the builders: father and son, Stuart and Braedon Gatenby from Woodhall. The time capsule has been made, free of charge, by Mike Allenby, local plumber and a wonderful craftsman. The contents of the capsule have been chosen with care to represent every aspect of village life. The toilets were decorated by a team of willing volunteers (does anyone have names?).
Public and private, national and local, volunteers and commercial interests, the latter creating work for local people: it’s difficult to imagine a better example of a collaborative scheme using the time, talents and generosity of so many people. And the time capsule itself, buried by Mike and Stuart on that sunny July day, contains a microcosm of village life.
As Rima Berry, the Leader fund co-ordinator, and herself an Askrigg resident, says: “This is a really great project. There’s been masses of volunteer effort in making it happen, lots of people from the community have got involved, helped out and will now benefit. It’s exactly what LEADER is about, community action, led by the community.”
Here’s a list of the time capsule contents and, below, some more pictures . .

Box of small handwritten memory cards.
63 photographs of village life.
D&S Times – July 13, 2012.
3 x Oswald’s Outlook.
Upper Wensleydale Newsletter.
Askrigg Sports and Jubilee posters.
Askrigg electoral register.
2012 Produce Show programme.
Askrigg Primary School whole school photograph.
Class 1 Jubilee poster.
Grand Prize Draw raffle ticket.
Minutes from Askrigg Primary School PTFA meeting.
The Odyssey Programme.
Commemorative book mark.
School newsletter.
Letters from Askrigg school children.
Memory stick of photographs.
Bus timetable.
Train ticket.
Church coffee morning flier.
Paper Jubilee crown.
Ladies singing group flier.
2 x Photobox photographs.


Children from Askrigg Primary School with staff, local residents and helpers gather for the ceremony.

Final glimps

Daisy shows off the capsule one more time before it’s lowered into the ground.

There she goes – Mike and Stuart lower the capsule into the hole beneath the flags.


A final glimpse before the capsule is covered in sand and cement.

All gone - time capsule buried

Now you don’t. . . who will be here when the capsule is seen again?


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